YTONG aerated concrete blocks

YTONG are high-quality aerated concrete blocks available in Latvia. Their properties and building technologies ensure lower costs of wall construction. Thanks to their excellent heat insulation properties, buildings can be constructed exclusively from YTONG aerated concrete blocks without any additional heat insulation.
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YTONG technology reduces the construction work volume to the minimum.

YTONG is a leading brand in the global market of construction materials: it is a premium quality aerated concrete from Germany with a wealth of experience and a long-established tradition in the aerated concrete manufacturing industry. A multi-annual effort has resulted into a very effective technology of this construction material, which reduces the construction work volume to the minimum. YTONG aerated concrete has excellent heat insulation properties therefore no additional heat insulation is required.


Compared to other aerated concrete products, YTONG blocks are manufactured from the best raw materials, which bring distinct advantages:
YTONG walls do not require heat insulation and reinforcement, with a fast and easy finishing
  • No need for vertical seams
  • No need for additional heat insulation
  • No need for reinforcement at every 4th course
  • No need for a levelling screen and plaster
  • Higher durability, which reduces material loss (up to 15%)
  • Glue is more fine-grained therefore a seam does not exceed 1 mm
  • Easy to apply when constructing asymmetrical walls
  • Buildings of up to four storeys without any additional supporting structure
  • Higher durability, better acoustic and heat insulation


Construction costs of YTONG walls are lower than those of similar construction material.

Thanks to the advantages specified above, the construction costs of walls built of YTONG aerated concrete blocks are lower than the costs of walls built of similar construction material. The table below shows a comparison of such costs.

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